oh, give me the simple life...

listen to this as you read...
it seemed as if the days of drying the laundry on a clothesline were far gone. I absolutely loved washing my sheets and blankets. Load up the washer with detergent and fabric softener (absolute must) and then wait. and wait. and wait. then finally I could take them all out to the clothesline.
thank you to someone on google for this...
oh the days of clothespins. the funness of trying to get everything to stay as they flapped around in the Kansas wind.
and the flapping. the most beautiful sound. it was if they were dancing, at last free to dance in the breeze. not to blow away mind you, but to dance nonetheless.
and the sun-soaked, leafy grass smell (aka that outdoor smell) that was now deeply embedded in the fabrics. Hints of that outdoor smell mixed with the lingering smell of the fabric softener or detergent is a beautiful thing.
then the weirdest thing of all... i ironed my sheets. it's for the crispness, that's all. I have since given this up because the crispness doesn't last long with my husband around.
but the days of the clothesline were not far gone. it's not quite the same, but the days of laundry racks instead of dryers are in my present, the days of the clothesline are hopefully in my future.
the simpler things, a tiny dishwasher that allows me to take a few moments of quiet as I do dishes by hand or load the 12 items into the dishwasher. A few moments of quiet you wonder? Ha! People know better than to come in my kitchen while I'm cleaning to try to bug me! I will put them to work! My hubby has tried to invade a few times, only to leave when I comment "you volunteering for something?"
the days of the simpler life. i think that's how i would prefer it... it seems nowadays we spend all our time trying to squeeze the minutes out of the day, when really we are squeezing the life out of our days. we should take the time to be quiet, be still and be relaxed... life will go on.
Oh, give me the simple life!!!!

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