The New Year-- aka Planning mode

I am not a resolution person. My goals (if needed to be done) will always be accomplished:
Weight? It's 5 pounds at a time.
Eat better? It's a 7 day goal.
Sleep better? It's a daily goal.
Be more patient? ...Let's try 5 minutes.

It just so happens my home/decorating/DIY projects are all coinciding with the New Year. They have been on my to-do list or already started before the holidays came in like a wrecking ball. Ha ha! I had to. 
So here's my Resolution List: (to start on by the end of January because I am just that good.)

1. Finish painting upstairs guest room - 2 more walls need a second coat.

2. Paint the accent wall in the Master Bedroom - Palladian Blue!!!! - can you tell I am excited for this?!?

3. Rearrange furniture - Bookshelf moved from one guest room to the other.

4. Decorate downstairs guest room - It has a bed and 2 nightstands. It needs help.

5. Redecorate Master bedroom and hang art.

6. The office - dang it! Can't this room do itself???

7. Garage- or not. I keep telling my hubby that once we insulate and drywall it, that I will tackle it. And oh, my dreams are big... but I really have no idea where to start.

8. Decrapify and Organize.

9. Hang my gallery style frames in the hallway- print off pictures too.

10. Eat more chocolate- yes!

Happy New Years, and may all your dreams come true.