paper cupcake world.

somehow I stumbled upon this website for build your own cupcakes. What a fun idea! Put together your own cupcake, mess-free?!? What could be better? I printed off the set on card-stock and grabbed some contact paper to laminate them so they could be more indestructible. The kids played with them, I think we spent more time practicing colors and new words then actually decorating our cakes.

My other suggestions are:
 Girls Party Art!

1. Print off a few extras so the girls can chose their favorites. 
2. Buy simple frames at the dollar store.
3. Cut down the card stock to the size of the picture frames.
4. Girls can glue on the favorites. Extra accessories and swirls could be added with markers.

....and If you have a sleep-over maybe have the girls pick out pinks, purples, whatever- spray paint for their frames and have dad fix those up after bedtime to allow time to dry. In the morning put them together and send it home!

Mother's Day!
1. Print off enough for your sunday school class, daycare, etc.
2. Bring extra cardstock, glue and crayons/markers.
3. Fold the extra cardstock to make cards.
4. Kids can glue on the cupcake items of their choosing.
5. Help them write a little note inside for mommy.

get the 'make your own cupcakes' pdf here: cupcake files!



I despise cleaning despite what people say especially those that I housecleaned for once upon a time. But it needs done. Most of the time it seems that all I am doing is moving totes and boxes from room to room. For instance, this room, the second bedroom, was full of totes and boxes for several months...

And now it looks like this!
Very bland but it's temporary living for my sister and eventually guests.
On the shopping list for this room:
Window treatments.
Bedside lamp and table.
Wall art.

Shopping trip here I come!