Finished Nursery

What a long process! But it's as done as it's going to get until he grows out of the crib.  
The pictures finally hung above his bed. I got it in the heart shape I wanted but it didn't look like what I was thinking it would. Still I like it better than any other idea I came up with.
 Just chilling in his rocking chair. The map sliced in 3 and framed as such is probably my most favorite thing in the room besides my little man.
 the pictures are maps i printed out and accessorized with scrapbooking stickers
 The giraffe puzzle that took forever to put together is now hanging in the frame my hubby made.


Happy November!

Has it really been 2 months since my last post? Well there's a baby now, another love in my life! We "finished" the nursery just in time! By "finished" I mean I'm waiting for my studly hubby to hang some pictures for me.

How quickly life has changed in the past two months and how quickly it's gone by. I thought I had 8 weeks to clean up the guest room. Now I have 3 days! Oops.
And look at my little man! He's getting so big- already!!!

I've also gone to new extremes with Pinterest. Rather then just re-pinning, now I'm actually doing projects and recipes from it!

I was jotting down ingredients I need to get for each recipe plus the name of it in my little notebook, and commenting "not so much" or "heck yes" next to them- then I realized "DUH! I have a blog!"

So the next few posts will be recipes and a finished nursery (when we finish it).