Happy November!

Has it really been 2 months since my last post? Well there's a baby now, another love in my life! We "finished" the nursery just in time! By "finished" I mean I'm waiting for my studly hubby to hang some pictures for me.

How quickly life has changed in the past two months and how quickly it's gone by. I thought I had 8 weeks to clean up the guest room. Now I have 3 days! Oops.
And look at my little man! He's getting so big- already!!!

I've also gone to new extremes with Pinterest. Rather then just re-pinning, now I'm actually doing projects and recipes from it!

I was jotting down ingredients I need to get for each recipe plus the name of it in my little notebook, and commenting "not so much" or "heck yes" next to them- then I realized "DUH! I have a blog!"

So the next few posts will be recipes and a finished nursery (when we finish it).

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