And so it begins...

This is today's addition to what I started last week. -->

I got 6 or 7 boxes packed last week with boxes I wrangled from the local grocery stores. And then I got enough boxes (from my family who got them from their pastor who just moved here) to move me and all the neighbors on my street ... ok, not that many but more than I think I will need.

I've started with things we rarely use, or clothes we haven't worn in awhile, or like all other Americans- clothes we can't fit into but we plan to fit into someday. Blah.
I also have stuff that I've bought on clearance or hugely discounted for our future guest room and even more for the nursery, which I've finally packed together and realized I have a good start on both rooms! Yay!

 My system was kind of adapted from a friend who just moved, but since I'm doing most of the packing I am hoping it will be a bit more organized. 
Each box has a particular colored sticker which coordinates with a matching room. 
Neon green is the master bedroom. So no matter if it goes in the Master bedroom, bathroom, or closet- if it makes it in the bedroom or even into the house I will know where it goes! Orange stickers are the guest room... and so on...

Today I also came up with a plan for feeding the crowd that will help us move. I'm hoping to get a somewhat decent count of who all is planning to show up at both places. I intended to put out feelers for people wanting to help load, unload or both and then based on that plan accordingly.
At our rental - a table with coffee, water, bagels and muffins.
At our future house- a table or (gasp) our kitchen island! with soda, water, pizza, chips, brownies and some fruit.

I'm such a planner, I still have over 3 weeks before our closing date. Wish us luck!