a little boy's nursery...

I started with a jungle theme in our little guy's future bedroom- but now I'm throwing in a travel theme. Lots of map ideas floating around in my head...

-I love the map split in 3. Might try that.

-I want to find a map of Africa and put little silhouettes of giraffes, elephants and lions on it...

-The TRAVEL letters to instead say JUNGLE and do the letters using a map of Africa.

-I got a vintage looking globe, which I spent too much money on, but I love it. Hoping to add lights to that somehow and make it into a nightlight.

-The black and white pictures in black frames shaped in a heart over his crib. Using the 'E' button picture (doing his first initial instead) and using that as the middle and surrounding with ultrasound pictures, some pictures of mommy and daddy, and maybe mommy and daddy's handprints.

-If I could find some colorful vintage suitcases that would be awesome! love that for a side table.

-Hoping to find some postage stamp fabric to use for a lampshade and/or pillows or bench cushion.

Maybe I'll get around to a registry now that I have some sort of idea and theme to work with.  And maybe I'll figure out a way to incorporate my hubby's obsession with Winnie the Pooh and Tigger into the room. ;)