the nursery - it's almost done.

Yup, I'm past my due date... and my little guy doesn't seem to care.
Mowed our entire lawn this morning.
Ran errands all afternoon.
Walked another mile plus tonight.
Obviously my body thinks this is all very funny. So... what else to do but blog??
You remember the nursery before, right?

What a relief to have it almost done. And when I say almost, I mean there's some wall art- still in progress- that needs printing and framing, but there's a place for him to sleep!

Chair - already had
Blue Foot Stool - $12, antique store
Map - $8, picked up at an antique store
Frames - $36, $12 each at Michaels
Vintage Suitcase - $10, antique store
Fabric for curtains - my hubby insisted he knew what he was talking about when he said we should make them. I found out I knew more about sewing than him and honestly the stress wasn't worth it. Just buy them. And if you need to make them thicker, buy flannel sheets/fabric to back them. That's what I would have done. 
Giraffe pillow - $3 travel pillow from Walmart. $5 fabric at Hobby Lobby

Clock -$7.50, Dollar General
Zebra Print Lamp - $14 at Walmart
Giraffe - $10 Gordmans
Alphabet letters - $.35 each 
Wicker Bench - already had
Bookshelf - Stole it from my hubby's office, he didn't need it
wallpaper - $.50 at another garage sale, (lots of pieces so plenty of potential for many projects should I desire)

Crib - free on the curb at a garage sale!
Bed skirt - $13 from target -my mom helped me transform a rectangle tablecloth into a bed skirt!

Paper Lanterns - $12, $5 for the 3 green and brown at Sears. $7 for the blue at Hobby Lobby
Changing Table/Dresser - $40, Craigslist and somehow the guy went from $75 down to $40. Don't mind if you do!

Globe - $25, antique store, It's going to be hung from the ceiling, someday!
Wall art to come - $15, (2) 3pks of 5"x7", (1) 2 pk of 8"x10" Target.