The kitchen "makeover"

Hey, all! It's been forever since I posted but I want you all to know that I have been doing some fun stuff! This was my big project of Summer 2016. I actually did it all and finished the day before my husband fell from his bike and broke his left wrist and ribs... which slowed me down significantly! I had some big plans for last summer. oops!

I just really needed to update my kitchen and dining area. The flat paint was driving me insane! You can't scrub it! I have 2 kids!

Ignore the mess. Let's be honest. I didn't clean before I started. Shhh!!!
LOOK at my black frames! They pop!!! I picked blue because most of my pictures have touches of blue in them! I just love it all!
and Ha! I can do an update now because it's technically months later: it's been holding up well, I've had to clean a few spots... my kids touch everything, but I haven't scrubbed off paint!

The paint color is SW Drizzle (diluted). Half of the gallon mixed with 2 gallons of regular white.