i love to read. i love to look for cute books. i could spend tons of money on books and journals alone. alas, i live in a world of Spanish books. i could read them- book in one hand- Spanish to English dictionary in the other.

lately, i have stared at amazon rather enviously and longingly. the world of English books whispers my name.
my decorating books sit in kansas in a box, waiting for my touch. my "inspiration" books are silently waiting me to lovingly touch their pages again. my antique books await to be displayed in a pleasing arrangement that will make me smile each time i walk past. tim's books will silently mock me as they collect dust while they wait to be read. (tim reads books one at a time)(i read a few chapters and set it down and pick up another) ooohhh! shiny!

so books that are awaiting me to spend vast amounts on:

pride and prejudice- actually any jane austen books will do.

mastering the art of french cooking- julia childs

more to be added i'm sure.