Little Cooking Shortcuts 101- Quick Desserts

Tiramisu Knock-off
This post starts a series of posts I am going to do on Cooking Shortcuts. I have a special few that I use in times of trouble, or in times of poor timing, or in times of needing something QUICK!
This one I invented in my head after I picked up one ingredient at the store.
Mascarpone. If you know anything about this ingredient it is the "killer" ingredient in Tiramisu (the most incredible dessert in the world.) So my thought was a "crazy american's" tiramisu knock-off.

Method 2 minus optional toppings and ice cream.
1 Pound cake or angel food cake (or hazelnut crunch kilo cake from Lidl's)
Mascarpone (6-8 oz)
Nutellla (or equivalent) (4 oz)
Ice cream (vanilla, preferred)
Optional toppings* - Strawberries (sliced with a little sugar)                or  - Instant coffee granules
The coffee granules are for the tiramisu effect. Strawberries, for the chocolate and strawberry effect. Use either one....

1. Warm the mascarpone in the microwave for about 10-15 seconds, just enough to soften it. Add a few tablespoons of sugar to sweeten it a bit. I also added a smidge of vanilla sugar.
2. Warm the Nutella for 15-20 seconds. (might need to add a fraction of a teaspoon of milk to get it to a drizzling consistency.

3.This is where we split into separate methods.
Method 1. Cut the cake in half horizontally.
Spread the mascarpone onto the top of the bottom half of the cake. (* Sprinkle with coffee granules)
Top with other half of cake. You can add another layer of Mascarpone on the top half if you like.
Drizzle the top with melted Nutella. (*top with Strawberries.)

Method 2. Slice the cake (vertically) into individual pieces. Lay each piece on it's side and top with a layer of mascarpone and Nutella. (*Sprinkle on coffee granules or strawberries)

Serve with a scoop of ice cream.
P.S. This is a good one to serve up at home. If you would like to take it to a party, I recommend Method 1. And if doing strawberries- wait until you arrive at the party to top with strawberries. (and of course wait until it's being served before adding the ice cream) ::wink::

Enjoy! and Bon App├ętit!

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