I found this bookshelf on the side of the road. I let it sit all weekend before I nabbed it. No dumpster diving for this one... I'm not sure that everyone else was as thrilled but I am excited to fix it up and give it a home... it's supposed to be a shelf but the wood where the the hook as is damaged, so my plan for it is to put it on the desk in the bedroom.
my other before is the Production zone, I was asked to give it a fresh look and make it cool and fun! I have some thoughts and a small budget, but it's going to be awesome to get to give it a new hip look and leave a little touch of me here when I leave... We got an "ok" to paint! Orange is color at the moment... don't worry, it's gonna look great! i've been messing around with colors, and thanks to the boss boss for the color idea. I googled orange and maroon rooms as soon as she suggested it and found this picture. I fell in love with it... i'm using it as my inspiration for colors.

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