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We were on a mission. Drive with our friends and their 18-month-old twins to Venice and back. 10 hours both ways. And of course see Venice. We did it in about 36 hours. and oh, did I want to stop! There were so many places to stop along the way. I could have gotten lost in Munich. I'm sure some other places too (had we stopped in Austria and Switzerland)(and not been outnumbered by the guys). Europe is just amazing! Living here is spoiling for sure. I can't wait to explore more, I don't think I see enough. ;)
It was just beautiful countryside. So green. So lovely. and the Villas and vineyards in Italy. TO DIE FOR! Amazingness all around. The Alps were just incredible. So magnificent. Hopefully I will get to see them again soon, maybe this winter.
So in a nutshell, MUST-SEES- Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Liechtenstein. But I suggest you take more than 36 hours to see it all. ;)

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