not your "basic" makeover...

My Sister left for Basic Training knowing only that I planned to repaint her room... and I was looking at curtains... NOTHING ELSE!

Brick wall was the most tiring and rewarding... I was so pleased with how it turned out... I think I spent $15 on the template for the bricks and used 2 large sponges to create the affect, 8 hours of penciling and painting!

I think I spent between $300-$400 on it total. 
2 1/2 gallons of coffee, chocolate and mint paints $30/gal
1 qt. of magnetic paint (under the chocolate paint) $35/qt
New (but used) recliner $24
New sheets, accent pillows, clock, picture frames, bed frame, etc.

The Magnetic walls didn't turn out like I thought they would... but the magnets held up the posters and that's all I required...

I love it... she thought it was awesome! that's all that matters...

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