Dessert Panini


4 slices of bread
couple tablespoons of butter
vanilla sugar(or regular sugar)
Nutella (or I used Peanut butter cocoa spread)
1 Banana, sliced

Butter both sides of the bread and sprinkle sugar on one side of each. (keep track of which side). *Fry them til they have a golden brown touch on the sugared side. Spread Nutella on the sugared side of all 4 pieces and top 2 of them with banana. Place the other slices chocolate side onto the bananas. Fry a couple seconds longer on both sides to warm. Enjoy!

*If you fry the non sugared side less then the sugared side the chocolate spreading and last couple seconds should get it to a nice golden brown.

You can also make this non-panini and use 2 slices of bread. (like the picture)

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