The office- the organizing nightmare.

It's been like this forever.

My hubby informed me that I needed to clean it. 

yeah, about that...

I said in a sing-songy high-pitched voice- "Yard Sale!"

He was like "when you have a box for me to go through, let me know."

I must have said it to fast. "OK!"

"What? Why are you being so agreeable?"

"Which box would you like to start with? There's like a dozen."

"No. You have to go through them, so you know what's in them..."

"It's all crap."

that flew like a ton of bricks. 

But I'm mildly excited about organizing it. I have started developing a plan. 
- photo storage boxes (looks like they might fit perfectly)
- zip ties or rubber bands (to restrain the cable mess)
- move the furniture pieces to make it flow better.
- toss the old computer cases (slightly excited for recycling day!)
- hunt down more workspace for his projects to stretch out on.
- add some color probably by way of art-ish to the walls.

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