Demolition at the parent's house...

I made a promise long ago. To help my mom redo the living room.

Scrape off wallpaper.
Sand off the glue.
Mud over everything.
Sand it as smooth as I could.
We had to work progressively through the house because they have a lot of big furniture that couldn't be moved out and the house is busy and full of people 24/7.

Started at the stairs
Then the wall parallel to the stairs
Then around the room.

We ran into a few hiccups along the way. Wetness and mold in one of the walls. Fix the siding outside and then-- New insulation. New drywall.

The wrong colored sliding door going in.
Waiting for the right one to be special ordered and installed, which happened while I was out of the country for 3 weeks.

And our favorite moment- new carpet. Preceded by 2 days of yanking up carpet, padding, tacks, staples. And we put down an additional sub-floor.
With screws... on average 40-50 screws per board.
With one sprained wrist- yeah, I didn't help much with that.

Hopefully one of these days my mom will let me stage it for "after"pictures!! Who am I kidding? Sigh, pictures of the return to craziness - soon to come!

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