First step in the office!

Well, you might have noticed my really sad office here.

I took my first step in that room. Actually two. The first was shredding everything I had found that was shred-able. Something we should do regularly. I'm so very tempted to move the shredder up to my laundry room, which happens to be right between my recycle spot in the kitchen and the recycle bin just outside the garage. (It's also where half of the mail ends up anyway when I have to shove everything out of sight.)

The first actual step took place after I discovered some wallpaper discounted to half price at Lowe's. I was rather surprised with it because online it looked grayish. It's not. It's almost the same color as all the walls in my house. Not all the walls, just 90% of them.

So I gently removed the cardboard-ish backing and cut the wallpaper to fit, making sure that the seams lined up and the quatrefoil synced up with the seams and other pieces.
I was pleasantly surprised with myself that I almost accidentally did it right the first time and then I was constantly making mental notes to make sure everything would keep lining up. It turned out fabulous!

I have started putting things back. Mostly in containers to disguise the mess. It's still scary but getting better!
And I would love to say that my husband noticed.

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