antique mall finds

 This comes from one of my most favorite booths in the local antique mall. This antique mall, you just really can't go wrong! I can always find something to spend money on!
This collection of jars would be glorious on a window sill, don't ya think?

Now if I could talk myself into spending $50 on a clock that would be amazing and as much as I adored it, I had to say no, mostly because the hubby was with me.

I did talk my husband into this. The tag said $30. It was a toss up between this desk and a table simliar to my other one for $25. But as it turned out the desk had 30% off! 22 buckaroos -baby!!!! The only painful part was getting it into the back of the car. We might have lost a little paint along the way. eek!

I will have pictures soon of it in our place- speaking of which we will finally have our own address on Wednesday!! no more bumming off of others!

Now I'm off to start my IV of coffee and get back to packing!

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