It's my other passion. I absolutely adore landscaping, I enjoy looking for plants, picking plants, coming up with plans of how to arrange them and so on. It's just fun for me!
So my mom asked for some help with her front yard. it had 2 clumps of irises and tons of weeds.
We were fighting a storm trying to get them in, we got very dirty in the process, but we had a blast doing it.
The irises were leftovers, hopefully, they will survive - they had a bit of a shock when we moved them around. Columbines, Salvia, Lavender and Delphiniums, now join the mix, with some creeping phlox for ground cover.

I went rock hunting for some edging rocks, along this little road out in the flint hills. It's so quiet out there and so beautiful. Loved it.
So we're almost done. The edge looks great and we have more lava rock to put in. My dad likes it, so we might get to extend it a bit further around the corner and make it look complete!
Yay! I can't wait for have my own yard!

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