My heart in Italy.

I think my absolute favorite things about traveling in Europe is the love of color! They are not afraid to use it! The colors are, for the most part, very earthen colors, but they are not neutral sometimes confused with natural.  This color in our room at a bed and breakfast in Verona, Italy, stole my heart.  If this were edible I would eat it! Such a delicious color. I still regret not have one of those paint sample books with me. But seriously, who takes those on vacation? I should.  

I have come to find out I am secretly Italian. Seriously if I were, it would make a lot more sense. I mean I live and breathe pasta and bread. If you want to lose weight- don't come to my house! You will gain it all back plus some! We LOVE food!                                               I was so born in the wrong country. In the wrong century. I was meant for the amazing architecture, the wonderful culture, and the delicious food of days gone by. In Italy.                    
and the brick wall would not fit in my bag. 

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