hopelessly romantics

I love to travel, and I would sit back and relax and take as long as possible galavanting the countryside. Alas time is not on my side ever.
When my husband and I travel, the mission is get there, and get there soon and relax there. I however want to stop at every antique store along the road.
that doesn't happen ever.
So my hubby and I finally agreed that my sister (one of many) and I could road trip.
just the two of us.
this won't happen again ever.
So guess who's excited? This chick!
Now my sister is crazy, like me. In fact we are the most alike, out of the 6 girls in our family. But we are so different. My sister is invincible. I'm "invincible" when she's around. My sister is tough, not girly. But she saw Letters to Juliet.
Guess who is road tripping with her sister to Verona, Italy? this chick!
Yes, my sister and I are hopelessly romantic, apparently, because we are going to one of the most romantic cities in the world. Hilariously enough, when I googled romantic cities of the world, it didn't show up in the lists of the first couple results. Venice did- good thing it's on our list!
We must be hopelessly romantic.
Can't wait to share all the amazing places we go!

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