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After the past 2 weeks of endless decorating... I started today with a can of paint, yet again, but this time it was for the wall I've been waiting for. well, a color for that wall. I have a little bit of touching up to do, but it's almost done. If only he could settle on some furniture soon. I would like to take an "after" picture, but it is so not "after" yet.
But I took a breather after the first coat, and found some ridiculously cheap inexpensive finds, at the downtown antique mall, it was refreshing to find items in my price range... not that I have that much difficulty finding them.
I spray painted the candlesticks ($5)- they had a sorry paint job- nothing that a $1 can of spray paint can't fix.
The pitcher was on sale for a whopping $2!!! Thank goodness, ones a little bigger that it around the corner were starting at $7.
I was also the first purchase for a newcomer to the antique mall world. This gal was literally putting the first dozen items up as I walked by... loving the colors ahem- whites and creams - I stopped, of course, and found another much larger candlestick for $7.50. 
Yup, my total for the day $15 and some loose change. LOVE IT! Now I just need to figure out a way to make some more money!!!

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  1. darling do over in shades of white, have recently started repainting everything white and just love the way it allows great form and design to shine through


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