I saw this photo and absolutely fell in love.
Mostly with the table! love, love, love. LOVE!
Since then, I have been on a mission: Find one. Doesn't have to be identical, just drop-leaf and old.

So recently I was wandering through my favorite (local) antique store and spotted this beauty. $80.
I am too cheap. It's worth $80 to me. My hubby, however, would sigh, make a face, and say something along the lines of "you would spend money on that?"
I also found an old kitchen table that was white, no drop leafs, for $45. Closer to my price, but no beloved drop leafs! What to do?

I walked away.

I am not crazy, thank goodness. A friend of my hubby's said he had gone to a little antique store south of town with his mom and grandma once and pointed me in that direction. So GLAD he did. I scored.
A little drop leaf table in the corner, wonderfully accompanied by 2 HIDEOUS chairs for $40.
I asked the little lady up front about it, telling her I was not even interested in the chairs. But how much did she want for just the table?
She looked it over. "$20."
I picked my jaw up off the floor and said, "I'll take it."
And then wrangled it into the truck. 
I wasn't going to tell her that those chairs weren't worth $20. maybe they are to somebody, but $20 is $20.
Next will be a coat of paint, but that's for another day!

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