apples and antiques

First apples! I couldn't resist. Actually I was wandering around and thought I would go back to the fresh fruits section, normally I don't even bother to go into these sections, mostly because Fridays I run down to the little fruit market stand in the plaza. But I was wandering through looking for green peppers and instead found these apples- Origin: Italia. I figured I had to try them before I knocked them. I need to join the Facebook group that's called "i ran into grab one thing and came out with a full cart" why is that such an absolute guarantee?

the other thing is Antique stores. I have seen SO MANY! BUT....... they close during siesta, which is when I'm there.... boohoo! I found a antique bookstore in Toledo, I very affectionately caressed most of the books in there (it was small) but when most of them were 12E I couldn't make up my mind, had they been 5E it would have been easy I would have bought one of each! Just kidding. So I bid the old man farewell and told him I would be back. and trust me I will. But there were several antique stores in Toledo all closed. I should have split up with the group, silly tourists. The store in the picture is in Tarragona a beautiful small town, that unfortunately worships Siesta time too! Come on people! I'm here! http://antiguitatscastellarnau.com/index.html oh, well, I'm sure I will be begging for siestas too when it's 40C outside too!

And if I ever open an Antique store I'm calling it Apples & Antiques. NO STEALING!!!

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