Befores and Afters

When you have a limited budget and you are working with other people's stuff that was left behind or items that have to be left for the next people living in the house, it's hard to decorate... BUT!!!! you can always come up with something... I saw a lamp shade with a BELT at a store last fall, Absolutely loved it!!! So I tried this.... so badly wanted a cuter bow, but every website I looked at had the classic shoelace bow... and sadly, that's what I used, but please if anyone knows of any cool bows send them to me!!
So the ribbons were left behind and the lamps go with the apartment. can't get cheaper than that.
(also easiest way to clean lamp shade is with a lint roller) heck yes!

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  1. Yay for making Ikea shades interesting. I do believe I recognize that ribbon. :) I see that you are embracing Temporary Decor on the Cheap. It's fine line and an interesting challenge, as you know, because you want to make your space personal & cozy, but you also have to decide if it's worth the money for the time you will spend enjoying it. I guess that's what makes FREE good. :) Makes one become all sorts of crafty!


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