all in favor of not spending money on shutters! I mean really, I bought a cute little one at an antique store last year for like $10. I really had to talk myself into that one... I didn't buy the identical one (in another part of the store) for $12. A friend very nicely left a shutter behind when she moved out of the apartment I am currently in. I am still trying to find the perfect spot for it because it looks fantastic next to my white curtains but it gets no attention there. my sister helped me go dumpster diving for more shutters (shown in the picture) which I saved from their home in an empty lot (full of trash, i might add). We got some curious looks but no one stopped us, thank goodness! So now I have 3 shutters that I need to find perfect spots for. The hard thing about decorating my current home is the fact that I have wires, computers and other such electronics runny ruckus in my house. I love that I have a very talented husband but I wish God had also blessed him with organizational skills, alas He has not. (of course my collection of organizational magazines is not helping) I am currently trying to go through them and absorb their wonderful wisdom. this house looks nothing like the pictures in the magazines, even on good days!

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