2 months after Resolutions!

Oh, the big hopes and dreams.
I had a lot of tasks to get done.
Gallery wall. Done.
That's it.
Yep, that's all that got accomplished.
We came home from holidays away and caught some nasty colds. I fought off the flu and had some rough sleep-lacking nights as my son was struggling to breathe with sore throat and major congestion. So not the way the wanted to spend the first 2 months of this new year.

I have had some new ideas for my resolutions, since I had plenty of time to sit around and think about it while I was cuddling my baby.
I was about to move the bookshelf out of bedroom #2 when I realized a coat of light gray paint (found on clearance for $2.50) on the backing of the bookshelf would breathe new life on it and would work really well for bedroom #2. It not going downstairs to the guest room also leaves more space down there for something like a playpen/crib. It got cozy in there awhile back when we had guests with kids!

The office - has had a couple of leaps of toward greatness spread out by weeks of standstill because I walk in and just want to go take a nap. I put some additional shelves up (they were sitting around anyway) hoping these would be for some random trinkets the hubby can show off. We will see... Who's going to go in there- really? 

I was told by the hubby to hold off on the master bedroom until summer. We'll all move downstairs for the summer (it's like 10 degrees cooler down there) again which gives me time to do what I want and not be rushed. Yay!

All painting is waiting for summer too, or at least continual warmer weather... and helpers. I'm gonna need some helpers to help me get it done! Someone has to entertain the little man!
Of course the garage is always way out there in the distant future. My hubby keeps telling me that it's supposed to be nice the next couple of days and I could really get a lot done out there... And sadly i'm thinking about working on it later this week when it gets up to 55 degrees. What am I thinking??

I am only 1 week away from my next big project. More on that to come!

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