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As some of you know, I moved into my house about 9 months ago. It took a little bit but alas there's only a couple of unnecessary boxes still unpacked and our storage room full of totes of stuff we can't decide what to do with. Did I mention we have hoarding on both sides of our family?


I decided when I was packing that our hoarding tendencies had to change. I got rid of several boxes worth of junk before and after our move. Maybe I should clarify, my junk.
With some rearranging and sudden lack of walls, all my previous decorating items have found new homes. Always a good thing, I think. I realized I had a lot of unnecessary things and really... less is more...

Anyway, to the dining room.
Another room that has had some difficulty. Our dining table comfortably seats 4, in a pinch seats 6, and yes, you guessed it- uncomfortably seats 9 people. After that I run out of chairs anyway. Oh, and there's no room for food and plates after 6 people. Somehow our Brady Bunches have done it, and to me it looks like a clown car exploded in my dining room.

Don't tell my families I said that.

I just realized how pathetic my dining room looks. 
So I have been telling my hubby for about a year that we need to get a bigger table. and we need a bigger table. and we want a bigger table because we need a bigger table. Either he picked up on my hints or he heard me the first time and I've been nagging ever since. oops. 
Off we went to the furniture stores searching the clearance and/or dinged up section (who pays full price for something you're gonna have 3 kids hammering on in 5 years anyway?) I looked at the prices and walked away. All I wanted was some wood planks tongue and grooved, biscuit joined, or glued together with 4 legs or a middle stand.

Or so I thought.

And so started our project to make me a dining table. It's not just some wood planks with 4 legs. It's got planks here and there, outer edge planks, a disappearing leaf- which means it has those gear things so it expands, and some tricked out pedestal legs. In theory. 

It's taking forever. Hopefully we are still married at the end of this. Just kidding. But seriously someone is gonna die. Again, just kidding. Maybe. You see the sarcasm right?
The picture is our dining room, with the first half of the top of the table. Yup, 3 weeks after getting the walnut wood and that's what we have to show for it. Don't get me started on the last 3 weeks, but  at least we have a start. I can not wait to get new slipcovers for the chairs. Those slipcovers are so last decade. yawn.

Well, wish us luck. and by us, I mean me. I'm off to tackle the clown car clothes explosion in my laundry room.
my cute little man 

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