the room at the start of the day!
I started moving everything out that was either going to get in the way or was never coming back in the room.

I left the computer and the printer table. The cords were all hooked up and I know better than to undo cords. I can't remember where they go!
The end of the day. After a few hours the hubby and I got the desk done. and then he talked me into doing the shelf by myself. How hard could it be, right?? 
Some persuading later, it was together!

The reason I had my hubby help me with the desk was because I saw this and thought nope, there is no way!!
Who thought lots of little pieces would be fun?!?! Especially with no extras in case you lost something.

Oh well, today is the next day in this big project - here's to hoping my shoulder injury from yesterday will magically heal itself!

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