chili, projector screens, laundry

I was about to sit down and express my undying appreciation for having my sanity back... in the form of my corner... ignore the pile of laundry! (the hubby had a "projector screen" up against that back wall for awhile. If you moved the chair slightly you could even be attacked by it. oh, the bonuses! He finally took it down because he hadn't used it in a while. Speaking of which, where is it now? ....oh, boy.)
Anyway, I was about to sit down when I heard the sound of hissing coming from my stove... I put rice on to boil only a few minutes ago after I tasted my chili and suddenly couldn't feel my tongue. Canned red peppers and dry diced jalapeno peppers can get quite powerful apparently.
and on to my sanity. Lots of things have been driving me crazy- our boss asked if he came up with a way to cover our costs would we stay for another year? Commit to another year? GOD GIVE ME DIRECTION AND GIVE IT TO ME NOW!!! the pros and cons are too great! I was starting to adjust to the mindset of job, house, schooling, kids?, life, career, etc. -which the homey-soccer mom inside me craves. Or I could live another year overseas - which the adventurer inside me craves.
Oh, life, why are you so difficult?
I think we have this part way figured out... if one thing doesn't work, we have the other thing. right?
Next, how do you pack? I'll start with the pile of laundry.

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  1. You pack like you'll be coming back, leaving stuff you can live without for a while but still want, then if you don't come back, you hope someone is nice enough to pack your stuff to be shipped home on someone else's container. :) But seriously, it would be awesome if you guys stayed another year. IMM could really use you guys! If it's God's plan, the finances will come. Even at the last minute!


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