Sister's Bathroom Renovation

This bathroom has needed some love for a very very long time. It was this way when I was living at home, all growing up. Untouched for 35 years. EEK!

And it's been a girls bathroom for 95% of its life. Hence the pink. that needed to go.

I didn't get a good picture but you pretty much have to climb around the toilet to get into the shower.  Fun stuff.
My mom told me this when we were getting ready to start demo... as if she needed to tell me, how many years had I done the same thing?? and told her?? Oh, well.
The vanity was still holding together but the countertop was badly stained and the light was sooo dim, and the mirror was marred on the edges.

Yanking down the wall. and we found some mold.
And my family did some demo without me and found dead mice. I was so thankful I was not there that day. Ew. Ew. Ew. Barf.

I was never so happy to see a hole. We were worried about where the new shower drain would line up and we ended up having to make the hole bigger to get it in but it was not as nightmare-ish as we thought.
Purple walls. My hubby tried to tell me I was supposed to do a different drywall/sheetrock for the ceiling but this mold and mildew resistant stuff said walls/ceiling so we went for it!

So "in between stuff" happened at this point. I have a love/hate relationship with mudding and sanding.
And texturing. Maybe it's just a hate relationship, because I despise it. I like the end result though...
My little sister and brother wanted to help... so much... so they got to paint! the girls picked out sweet pea, which grew on me a little. I would have picked something with a touch more blue, but it looked really good anyway!

The edge of the mirror was so messed up... so I used the leftover mosaic tiles and glued up the edge. It's so cool, I want to do this to my mirror!

We puzzle pieced the floor all different ways until we found a way that would work with the least amount of cutting. we're funny like that.

and the troublesome shower. Mike the plumber gave us a hard time about picking one he had never installed before but the benefit of a corner shower was no more climbing over the toilet to get in!

I don't know about you, but I really want to move in. Or at least take a shower.

I love the light. It has a wavy texture on it, that simulates ocean waves... it fits right in with the sea foam wall color and sand colored tiles! And the new-to-them vanity with a new laminate top looks awesome with the tiles! Could not have matched it better if I tried!

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