Decorating Pet Peeves!

There is only one reason why these decorating pet peeves are at the forefront of my brain. Dreaming of that future house.

I feel I should forewarn. These aren't recent pet peeves, these have been very permanently in my brain for most of my decorating experience and they are so common they are not going to change any time soon. I also apologize if you suddenly start noticing them everywhere and it starts bugging you as well.

So, Dreaming of that future house. We have an offer on a house. It's been on the market over a year. Only one other offer has been made on the house, which we heard was about a year ago and the couple decided that they didn't want to wait the 90 days to see if the bank approved it. Did I mention it's a short sale?? Our realtor warned us that it would be a really long wait. She's not kidding. We are over 30 days in and nothing. But our hopes are high. Even if we don't get it there are plenty of other deals out there.

In all of this, I dream of some changes that can be done to the house. Built 6 years ago there is little you would expect that needs changed. This would be true if I weren't such a decorator.

Who thought every house needed Oak stain? Oak flooring? Oak everything? What happened to Walnut? Or my personal favorite Espresso. Everything should be Espresso. The darker, the snazzier. Just sayin'.
Our hopeful house is all OAK!!! Ok, so it's not all oak, just all the wood or wannabe wood. but re-staining everything to at least Walnut is going to be a nightmare. I wonder if the hubby would let me paint the kitchen cabinets. 

thanks Rejuvenation!
Ok, so pet peeves.
1. Lights. I can't stand when people spend hundreds of dollars on chandeliers, pendants, fans, etc. and you can see they got the 4 pack of $2 light bulbs at Wal-mart. Is there no way to hide the lightbulbs? Lightbulbs should enjoyed but not seen. ever. unless they look like this.
Even these don't work everywhere. Use discretion!

Home Depot
2. Electrical outlets. If you are redoing a kitchen or having a snazzy kitchen being built with your dream home, don't buy the .25 cent wall outlets and covers from Lowe's or Home Depot. PLEASE! Buy the nice ones that can be well camouflaged by your backsplash. Not so camouflaged that you can't find them but so that i don't immediately count them all when I walk into your kitchen. Or bath- this applies to bathrooms too! 
I understand they are more expensive-- but 2 in the bathroom next to the counter? Worth it.

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  1. Good luck with all the house stuff. That is never fun! I'm sure you'll make those oak cabinets look fabulous :)


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