it's a "in-progress" kind of month.

I've been piling on the projects this month.
I've had my bookshelf out on my front step for so many days these past few weeks. It's had some dreadful days too. I am eternally optimistic about my projects but I get part way through and something makes it difficult and then I'm at the point that I don't want to deal with it. ever. 
I've spent several days with spray paint everywhere working on small projects, which are now drying. and hopefully done. yes!
But I do have a finished project to show you!

Day 1: Got wall art
Day 2: Got frames.
Day 3: Got them put together and on the wall.

Wall art: $10 (Dillons! Surprised?)
Frames: $12 (Wal-mart. Recycled.)
Next week, get the bed raised 4 inches or so and get the bookshelf off my front step.

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