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A girlfriend and I ran up to Kansas City the other day, for a quick but much needed shopping trip. Destination: Mary Carol Garrity's Nell Hill. Beautiful store, even more beautiful owner. We've met her many times and she is literally the sweetest person on the planet.
As you walk through decorating stores your brain is completely on overload. There are too many ideas running around your brain and I suggest taking pictures of anything inspiring.
Like this:
What an incredible idea! It's perfect for real or fake fireplaces! and she didn't have any candles in the votives (there's no way to monitor that in a store that large anyway) but having a few lit candles in there with the books would be so intriguing! If only I had a fireplace!
Also check out her ideas for lanterns right here. (I feel another shopping trip coming on.)

So my book project is this.
My sad bookshelf is getting a MAKEOVER! someday.
I got a sample jar of Mary Carol's Amelia Blue paint for the back panel and the rest of the bookshelf is getting a fresh coat of white paint. If it were wood I would have a hard time touching it but it's not- so Makeover here we come!
My books will get reorganized and repurposed in other parts of the house. maybe. My motivation is sadly lacking, but trust me it will happen!

Now off to remember where I saw some cute (and inexpensive) lanterns recently.

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