in the house this week.

What a week! It started out with such small details. Someone would be by to spray for bugs. Someone would be by to change the locks, since the office's back-up keys had been lost. I changed my few plans and arranged to be home in the morning for the spray and the afternoon for the locks.
Nobody came. EVER!  
I was home the entire day. Stuck there, waiting. By the middle of the afternoon I was going insane. I needed to run to pickup a few things for dinner and some hangars (as I am cleaning laundry from 1 1/2 years ago I am finding more things to hang up and ran out),  but I didn't want to leave in case they came while I was gone. I didn't want to sit there another whole day.

The next day, nothing. I went about my day - running here and there, doing this and that.

The next day, puddles in my basement. Calling the office - as they instructed, because this had happened before - I changed my plans for the morning, so I would be available to let them in and so they could change the locks. No one ever came. Apparently they had to wait til the rain stopped. Noon was bright and shiny. I had made plans for the afternoon, and no I wasn't waiting around for no one to show up.
Someone showed up. FINALLY!
And I wasn't there.
The next morning I called the office asking what time they would be out. Within the hour, my locks were changed, maintenance with the water had been addressed and I was on my way. No sitting around for me!
The next morning I tripped over some tools, slicing open my toe and the side of my foot. I used my get-out-of-jail-free me card and made a huge pot of coffee and went antique shopping. Yes, I needed my shopping therapy.
This cute little trinket box was very therapeutic!

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