the makeover!

the rooms is almost done! we are waiting on a slipcover coming from the states. but it looks great with out it. In the future we will have more interns and associates working, so we will need more seating then. At this point, I vote we use it for all our staff meetings!

either that or i can be my new office. somehow I don't think so, but now we are tossing around ideas for the cave which will be a future intern room. We are thinking fun and bright and cheerful. Possibly lime green. how fun would that be?
the cost involved was less than I was expecting, which was good. for every thing in this room it was less than 300 Euros. We were able to re-purpose our leftover spray paint to fix up an "equipment" table going in the cave. The paper "think bubble" light that was in this room before may find it's new home in the cave. So all in all we hope to do lots of re-purposing and TLC along the way to cut costs.

What do you think?

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